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Are You Getting a Little TICKed Off?

Ticks and fleas can turn a fun day with the family into a total disaster. If you’re faced with a tick infestation you just can’t get rid of, the team at Mosquito Squad of Raleigh-Cary is here to help you out. Our specialized pest sprays and innovative tick tubes will get rid of the blood-suckers that are ruining your backyard.

Tough-Acting Flea and Tick Control

At Mosquito Squad of Raleigh-Cary, we use a combination of treatment techniques to eliminate flea and tick populations from your yard. It all starts with a thorough barrier spray that kills adult ticks and fleas in your yard. This spray acts as a shield, preventing other pests from entering your yard for the next 21 days (depending on weather conditions and terrain).

With the barrier spray in place, our team will place tick tubes around your yard. The biodegradable tubes are filled with specially treated cotton that mice use to build nests with. Most fleas and ticks feed on mice before they ever reach your family or pets, so by treating the mice, we effectively treat the ticks.

No Ticks

Ticks Aren’t Just Annoying – They’re Dangerous

Fleas and ticks carry heartworms for pets, Lyme disease, and a variety of other illnesses that could put your loved ones at risk. Rather than taking a gamble with your health, you can eliminate the source of the problem with flea and tick control from Mosquito Squad. We value your safety, and we’ll everything we can to protect your property throughout the season.

Long-Term Protection against Fleas and Ticks

To keep your property protected, we will install tick tubes in your yard twice a season. If you see a recurrence of ticks in an untreated area, let us know and we will put additional tubes in place. We will also spray your yard down every 21 days to keep your barrier going strong. Safeguard your home or business from nature’s most annoying creatures, and you can enjoy a better quality of life.

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