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Mosquito Treatment – Pests Don’t Stand a Chance

Mosquito treatment – it’s what we do. At Mosquito Squad of Raleigh-Cary, we provide a wide range of mosquito control systems to protect your yard from pests. Whether you need continual sprays all season long or a one-time treatment for a special event, we have a solution that’s perfect for you.

Effective Mosquito Treatments All Season Long

In an ideal world, we will spray your home for mosquitoes before the weather turns warm because we can eliminate populations before they form. If you already have a mosquito problem, we still have ways to kill off adult mosquitoes and minimize population growth at the same time. Give us a call for a custom quote, and we’ll go over all of your mosquito treatment options in person.

Types of Mosquito Treatment

  • Mosquito Control Barrier: We provide an EPA-approved mosquito control barrier that lasts up to 21 days, and we can come out for routine sprays every 2-3 weeks.
  • All Natural Mosquito Treatment: We offer an all-natural alternative to our mosquito control barrier spray. It is made from essential oils and lasts up to 14 days, depending on the weather.
  • Automatic Misting Systems: We can install a set of automatic misters that spray your yard 2-3 times a day in 30-second intervals. We maintain and fill the system for you, and you can request additional sprays with a simple remote control.
  • Special Event Sprays: For one-time special event sprays, we come to your property 24-48 hours before guests arrive to apply our advanced mosquito control barrier. The barrier will still last up to 3 weeks, so you can use the event space several times with protection.
  • Tick Control: We combine our barrier spray with specialized tick tubes to eliminate tick populations and prevent them from forming.
  • Custom Mosquito Treatment for Your Home or Business

    No matter what kind of mosquito treatment you need, we can work out a plan that’s just right for you. Contact the team here at Mosquito Squad of Raleigh-Cary for a free consultation for your treatment needs. We’ll discuss all of your options with you in person and design a custom solution that meets your goals and your budget.

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